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Dermal Fillers Crawley - By Definition Semi Perm

Dermal Filler Treatments By Definition Aesthetics

Dermal Fillers are made up of Hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar that is formed in the human skin. It holds skin cells together and makes up part of collagen. It attracts water like a sponge, filling and plumping the tissue. This maintains skin firmness, elasticity as well as hydrate the skin to give a more dewy fresh look. 

Over time chemicals, free radicals, sun exposure, ageing and environmental factors will slow down the hyaluronic acid production in the skin. This will cause fine lines, wrinkles sagging skin and lack of hydration. The dermal fillers we use are designed to combat the signs of ageing whilst ensuring a natural result. The are made up of hyaluronic acid to restore the water to the skin, attracting more water and natural enough for the body to break down over time. They are expected to last 3-9 months depending on individuals lifestyle and genetics. 

Our products used also contain lidocaine which will numb the area being treated for maximum comfort. If you are known to have an allergy to lidocaine please make us aware prior to your appointment for a safe alternative to be sourced.  Some areas depending on the condition of the area pre fillers may need to be built up over a period of time to achieve maximum result. You can see our dermal fillers treatment prices here.

After care

There may be slight redness, swelling, tenderness or slight itchiness after treatment. This is completely normal and generally will disappear in a day or two. In the instance of swelling feel free to apply an ice pack to the treated area.

Lip treatments may incur swelling for longer (up to 7 days) and then it may sometimes look uneven therefore the results seen straight after the treatment will not be the true result. Avoid touching the area for 6 hours post treatment. Please treat this as an open wound. After this time you may feel free to gently cleanse the area with water. 

Avoid make up to the area for 24 hours. 

Until the initial swelling and redness has resolved avoid all heat treatments such as saunas, sun beds, etc. If you have previously suffered from cold sores please be aware this can offset another to occur.  If you are using blood thinners or aspirin please note  that this may increase the rise of bruising or bleeding at the injection site. Stay well hydrated as this will help the filler to last longer.

Since the filler is absorbs, the result reminisces over time. Many patients choose to treat the area again around 6 months of the original treatment. 

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